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Stephen Auerbach is a highly accomplished television producer, independent filmmaker, and social media entrepreneur.  Auerbach has supervised over 200 hours of network, cable and syndicated programming, won 17 Film Festival Awards, and pioneered the monetizing of independent films via social media.  

Most recently, Auerbach Executive Produced two highly rated documentary films for AE Networks.  Both films featured rare and never before seen archival material related to the OJ Simpson case:  THE SECRET TAPES OF THE OJ CASE and OJ SPEAKS: THE CIVIL TRIAL.  ABC news program 20/20 did an hour long program about the making of these films featuring Stephen Auerbach.

As an independent filmmaker Auerbach has showcased his creative diversity with a number of compelling films (Race Across America, The Memory Box) that have touched the heart and raised consciousness. Bicycle Dreams, Stephen Auerbach’s most recognized film, has played throughout the world and won 17 Film Festival Awards for Best Documentary Film, Best Editing and Best Directing.  Bicycle Dreams stands as one of the highest grossing independently distributed documentaries of all time.  


As an independent distributor and social media marketing expert, Auerbach has consistently been able to out perform many studio distributed films through his innovative screening tours and internet awareness campaigns.   With over 150,000 fans on Facebook, Auerbach is able to generate interest and revenue for his independent films 


Auerbach frequently speaks to aspiring filmmakers and producers at industry conferences, offering his take on how to build a career: “Take every job you are offered when you are starting out. The more you know, the more you can do. Being successful in the creative arts is about being flexible. Talent is built, not granted.”  


Auerbach began his career as a staff writer for comedian Richard Belzer.  




Best Documentary Grand Rapids Film Festival

Best Documentary Las Vegas Film Festival

Best Director Yosemite Film Festival

Best Documentary Red Rock Film Festival

Best Foreign Film Moscow Sports Film Festival

Best Documentary Lake Arrowhead Film Festival

Best Sports Documentary Tiburon Film Festival

Best Documentary Breckenridge Film Festival

Best Documentary Los Angeles Sports Film Festival

Royal Reel Award - Canada International Film Festival

Best Documentary Solstice Film Festival (Minnesota)

Best Editing Solstice Film Festival (Minnesota)

Best Soundtrack Solstice Film Festival (Minnesota)

Audience Award Findlay Film Festival Ohio

Audience Award Breckenridge Film Festival (Colorado)

Award for Excellence The Insight Awards

Grand Prize Montréal Human Rights Film Festival 

Award of Excellence Columbus International Film Festival


Jonathon Saia is a writer/producer that has always been drawn to the strange and unusual. His days are spent reading up on Jonestown, thumbing through the Kinsey Report, or listening to the sweet caterwaulings of Yoko Ono. He spent the last year with O.J. Simpson - well, not with him; that would have been creepy - but co-producing the documentary specials, The Secret Tapes of the O.J. Case: The Untold Story and O.J. Speaks: The Hidden Tapes for LMN and A&E.


Jonathon has worked on various productions such as Judge Judy, Deal or No Deal, Through the Wormhole, and Judge Joe Brown as well as specials for Discovery, Cartoon Network, GSN, Disney, and VH1. 


Jonathon served as the Managing Editor and Co-Founder of Mercutio, an e-zine designed to get young adults interested in culture and politics. His writing has been published in The Leftist Review, Chelsea Station Editions, and Between, a book of LGBT poetry. 



With over two decades of professional experience, Peter Levermann has edited and produced programs for multiple television outlets including, NBC, Spike TV,  SYFY, A&E, Lifetime and Animal Planet, to name just a few.  


A true multihyphenate, he served as Producer, Cinematographer, and Editor on a variety of film and television  projects, including  the Sundance Grand Jury Prize Nominee North Starr and the award-winning documentary Race Across America.  


Most recently he has worked with Cirque Du Soleil and Criss Angel Mindfreak Live!, and is currently directing the feature length documentary Face the Madness.




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